Well, hello there.

I admit, there isn’t much here yet, but stick with me I promise it will get there.

Why i{mpack}t studio? Well, doing what I love certainly has an impact on me (not to mention I could squeezed my name in there), but I hope the artwork I create for others leaves them smiling as well.  AND “studio” because I simply couldn’t focus on one creative idea. For me, i{mpack}t studio has become a creative outlet of sorts.

Most of my work is centered around photography and graphic design services for individuals, corporations and non profits. However, I am also a jewelry designer and painter and will happily do trunk shows on location as requested.

If you are considering booking a photo session or are in need of a graphic artist please feel free to contact me with any questions — melanie@impacktstudio.com

Check out additional work at:


Hope to talk with you soon!

All the Best–Melanie

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